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ABOUT THE artist

Christopher Payne is an illustrator, designer, and printmaker who grew up on the outskirts of California’s Mojave Desert. Whether in ink, watercolor, xerox manipulation, screen printing, or other practices, his work views nature through a distorted lens, exposing elements not often in the spotlight and creating alternate realities that highlight the inevitability of death and the suffering that underlies every creature’s existence. Perhaps somewhat existential by default, it acknowledges fate gracefully, cultivates beauty out of darkness, and stresses the importance of balance.

Payne got his start by being actively involved in the underground music scene, and in 2004, he founded Folktale Records, a record label that specialized in limited edition, hand-packaged releases on a variety of formats, which he ran for thirteen years. In 2015, he co-founded Fine Print Press, and is editor-in-chief of its imprint Fine Print, an independent literary and visual arts magazine. His artwork has appeared in the television shows Silicon Valley (HBO) and Loosely Exactly Nicole (MTV), and has been shown in galleries throughout Los Angeles, Austin, Minneapolis, Seattle, and São Paulo. He currently resides in Austin, Texas. 



Stay Distracted: Christopher Payne & Dave Kloc – 1650 Gallery – Los Angeles, CA


Withdrawn – Stories – Los Angeles, CA


DIY Is Dead – Echo Chamber – Los Angeles, CA




Oddities – Terra Toys – Austin, TX

Print Paradise – The Gallery ATX – Austin, TX

Exquisit Corpse – Recspec – Austin, TX

Innuendo – Light Grey Art Lab – Minneapolis, MN


East – Fine Southern Gentlemen – Austin, TX

Love – Los Angeles County Store – Los Angeles, CA

Extreme Art – New Profanity – Los Angeles, CA


Goodnight Moon – Fold Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

Upside Down – co-LAb Gallery – Los Angeles, CA


faith/void – Lo-Fi Gallery – Seattle, WA

Folktale Residency – Pehrspace – Los Angeles, CA

Utopia – One Of Us Gallery – Los Angeles, CA


Untitled Group Show – Scoops – Los Angeles, CA


DIY Los Angeles – Kunsthalle – São Paulo, Brazil


L.A.’s Got Talent – Sancho Gallery – Los Angeles, CA